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We Build Long Term Business Solutions

Working as an external creative department

Our capabilities provide a one-stop solution to all our clients

We’re a future driven company based on trust and relationships. Many of our clients come to us in confidence with ground breaking business ideas and dreams for us to realise. We build long-lasting relationships with all customers, to build a brand that achieves results.

The Creative Cycle

It’s important to recognize which phase of the creative process you’re in. Being by the sea in Chichester harbour gives a real sense of this ebb and flow. The waves come crashing in only to slowly back off and begin to ebb. The tide comes in. The tide goes out.


The Design Flow

At the end of the day, results are what matters the most to people who invest in our services. Results mean that their business thrives from the face of a new design and look. We may design a beautiful website or a brand identity, but you still need to get noticed. If no-one sees all this work, then we provide the tools to impact a target audience without you feeling isolated. This includes website search engine marketing as standard practice. Also we use Google Ad-words, Social Media, keyword research and implementation, email advertising, newsletters, website banners and Google shop links.

John Hollingsworth (Creative Director)

John founded this company in 2007, originally called Sinapi Ltd. A number of years later, inspired by living in Emsworth near the sea, he renamed the company Ebb and Flow Creative Ltd. He is qualified with an HND in Graphic Design and has over 16 years commercial experience in the creative print and packaging industry. The website arm of the business was launched in 2010 and has expanded rapidly ever since. John is passionate about print and web design and continues to learn and work within the creative industry to meet the heavy consumer demands. The core values in his work are integrity, serving people and teamwork.

How we Work

We thrive working B2B or with individuals. Our team consists of expert trusted professionals who were hand picked specifically to blend with our sphere of creative development.

We do not have excessive costs or overheads as our work is often undertaken remotely, except when meetings are required in our lovely offices overlooking Emsworth harbour. We pride ourselves in having the luxury of forging close-knit relationships with our team and clients so we can really focus on producing the brands we love in a smooth and stress-free environment. Please feel free to give us a call and pop in to see us.


I  believe that behind any success of a company is a backbone of good committed people. Every project involves people. We work closely with the client for their input and ideas. It is a win-win solution.

John Hollingsworth (Creative Director)

We offer the option to work on-site with clients for brand management meetings, website maintenance, training, social media integration or freelance artwork services. Our involvement covers everything from initial conception to ongoing relationships and support for months and years.

Our Clients